Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Midterm Elections Matter!

This year, only 40% of registered voters in Columbus turned out to the polls to vote in yesterday's midterm election. I know, I know - midterm elections don't seem as exciting as the presidential ones that happen every four years. However, I'm here to tell you that midterm elections matter! Below are a few reasons why:
  1. You get a sticker. It is the perfect compliment to any election day outfit. 
  2. Statewide ballot issues are the ones that affect your every day life. Federal issues are sure glamorous, but state issues are often some of the most visible. During these midterms, states determined what you can smoke and how much you can earn. Important stuff, guys!
  3. These elections determine who represents you on both the state and national level. These people are your voice! By not voting, you are letting other people talk for you. 
  4. Because less people vote, your voice matters even more. Some of these elections are won by only a few votes. 
If you voted - congrats! If not, now is your time to declare yesterday's election the last time that you don't vote. Young people are consistently the smallest group of voters, yet the decisions that are being made will affect us the most.

Next election cycle, I urge you to make a day of it. Reward yourself to a new election day outfit (red, white, and blue to match your sticker), make some patriotic election day goodies the night before, or even meet your friends out for an election day drink as you watch the results roll in!

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