Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thoughts I have during a Pure Barre class

So I went to Pure Barre today. It's been a while since I've been, and I've never consistently attended. I have a Classpass in Chicago instead of picking one studio (I'm happy to write about my Classpass experience later). Event though I love Classpass, I've officially decided to become a Pure Barre convert. Nothing works me the way those carpeted floors do. Anyways, I went to Pure Barre in Columbus today while I'm home for the week on my spring break. I was starting to go crazy hanging out in Chris's fraternity house all day long.

Here are the top 10 thoughts that went through my head during today's (and most days for that matter) Pure Barre. 

1. What alternate universe am I in where this is only 20 seconds. This is a million years. Time changes inside of these doors.

2. Who is Cassandra and why does the instructor keep telling her how great she is doing? I don't think Cassandra is real.

3. I figured out who Cassandra is and she is most certainly not human. How is her body doing this and how does she look so pleasant doing it?

4. My body most certainly can not "tuck" in this position.

5. I think this is supposed to be working my right bum, but why does my left bum burn even more and why do my thighs and arms feel like they are going to fall off?!

6. Is it possible to blend into the carpet so I don't have to move?

7. No! I want to move! I chose this! I'm doing this to be healthy!

8. Who am I kidding, I'm doing this so that I can have a rockin' bod. Bikini Instagram post here I come.

9. I want Panera. And because of this, I deserve to eat the baguette.

10. Actually, I always deserve the baguette. Bread is a right, not a reward. *Sorry to all the gluten free peeps. Chris can't eat gluten so I can sympathize.

11. Wait, what are we doing? Focus, Heather. Focus.

12. I want to be Cassandra.

13. Or just a better me. I'm making myself into a better me. That's cool.

14. Damnit, Heather. Focus! Are you tucking or lifting? Look at Cassandra to figure it out.

15. Aw, Cassandra just smiled at me sympathetically. I bet this was hard for her once too. People are nice here.

16. I'm glad I came. I did something good for my body and that's pretty cool.

17. When is the soonest I can be back?

These thoughts genuinely run through my head, along with a million more. Additionally, several expletives are included... but I decided to keep those out. ;) Are there any things that sneak into your head during a fitness class? What are your favorite fitness classes? Let me know below!

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