Monday, January 25, 2016

Why I think sororities are empowering for women

It's Monday night, and I have a to-do list as tall as I am. Despite the laundry list of things to do, I can't help but reminisce on one of my favorite college memories - sorority bid day. Bid day is when the thousands of girls going through recruitment are presented with their "bid" to join your chapter. It's a day that now represents to me the silliness you get in college that is harder to find in adult life. Even more, it lets me beam with pride of how well the chapter that I started and my sisters are continuing is doing.

That's not the reason for this post though. I stopped my half hearted "working," put away my phone where I was "lurking" on social media, and ran to my computer. The reason I am writing is because of how overwhelming inspired I was by what I saw in my sisters. What I saw is Gamma Phi Beta inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves - young women that are thriving in their own skin. 

Greek life gets a bad rep. While I won't dispute some of the claims made against Greek life, I will argue that the other side of the story is rarely told. That being said, this isn't a post about the good side versus the bad side of Greek life. They both exist. 'Nuff said. I want to talk about how sororities empower women. 

sororities are empowering to women
Let me paint you the visual I saw on my social media feed just now. A sorority house was filled to capacity with 200 women celebrating one another without a care in the world. Everyone was decked out in the theme "Cirque de Gamma Phi," but each girl had her own individual twist. One sister I can think of HATES pink, so she dressed like a mime. At the same time, other sisters were wearing bows as big as their heads covered in glitter. They were dancing like no one was watching and exhibiting some of the most genuine joyfulness I've ever seen. I know, because I experienced this myself in person only last year. 

While the early 00s hip hop throw back tunes were blasting, I saw women being shamelessly themselves. The new members looking around wide eyed and excited, the prospect of over 100 women this excited about their presence being somewhat baffling. It is a crazy concept, that your entering of an organization would deserve such fanfare, but it is one of the most fulfilling experiences that you could ever ask for in the entire world. 

I can't speak for every Greek organization in the world, but I can speak for the experience I had in my chapter. Today's bid day reminded me of how sororities (the Beta Xi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta specifically for me) can empower women in a remarkable way. To be celebrated for your unique values provides a type of empowerment that I truly do not believe can be found anywhere else. If almost 200 other women believe in you, then how on earth could you not believe in yourself? 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

13 things I still ask my mom *at the age of 22*

Two truths must be accepted before I write this list. The first is that there is a difference between an adult an a grown up. For example, I may legally be an adult, but I am sure not a grown up yet. The second truth is that no matter where you are in life, you need a mom (or someone like a mom). Mom's/mom figures are the coolest people in the world. With these truths accepted, below is a list of things that at the age of 22, I still ask my mom.

  1. Does this outfit look good on me? 
  2. (Followed by #1) - Is this too much cleavage?
  3. My leftovers were on the counter overnight. Are they still good?
  4. (Followed by #3) - How long do I heat up my leftovers?
  5. My car is making a funny noise. What does that mean?
  6. It's 2 AM and I hear something outside my door. Is it the wind, or is it a murderer?
  7. What is a 401k?
  8. What is a W-2?
  9. What should I have for dinner?
  10. I don't feel good. Do I have yellow fever/the plague/swine/chicken pox?
  11. Why am I so tired all the time? (The answer to this one is always - that's life).
  12. Quick! I need a good excuse to get out of work.
  13. *tells 10 minute story* - Was that guy flirting, or was he just being nice? 
things i still ask my mom

Above is a picture of my fabulous mother and I. Isn't she the cutest? My mom's birthday is in just a few days. She deserves the world.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Top 10 favorite Disney memories from my first visit

Let's clear the air before we begin - Walt Disney World really is the happiest place on earth. After 22 years of being obsessed with princesses, I finally made my way to Orlando to experience all that the Disney parks have to offer. Chris finally decided that enough was enough, and we had to go. He booked a Disney resort, bought tickets, and wrapped up our Magic Bands (the wristband that Disney resorts use for payment and reservations in the parks) for Christmas. What a keeper, am I right? Anyways, I'm actually quite pleased that I experienced Disney for the first time as an adult because very few things in life can truly make you feel like a kid again. Below are 10 of my favorite memories from my first time visit.

Number ten: Walking into Epcot for the first time 
first visit at epcot

Number nine: Walking into Animal Kingdom for the first time 
first visit at animal kingdom

Number eight: Walking into Hollywood Studios for the first time
first visit at Hollywood Studios

Number seven: Walking into Magic Kingdom for the first time (I mean honestly it doesn't get more magical than this)
first visit at Magic Kingdom

Number six: Roller coaster butterflies 

Number five: Dancing with Goofy (seriously, one of the most underrated Disney characters) 

Number four: Meeting your signature princess (especially when Rapunzel "tangles" him) 

Number three: Seeing the castle at night (along with seeing the Electric Parade, Wishes, and Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios) 

Number 2: Disney hugs

Number 1: Disney kisses

I hope you enjoyed these very gratuitous pictures of myself enjoying some of these experiences at the parks. I'm thinking about posting some tips and tricks that I picked up for the Disney beginner. While the Disney blogosphere is amazing in their depth and thoroughness, it was a little bit overwhelming for me as a first timer. Regardless, thank you for sharing my Disney experience with me through this post! If you have any questions or favorite Disney memories of your own, comment them below.

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