Friday, January 22, 2016

Top 10 favorite Disney memories from my first visit

Let's clear the air before we begin - Walt Disney World really is the happiest place on earth. After 22 years of being obsessed with princesses, I finally made my way to Orlando to experience all that the Disney parks have to offer. Chris finally decided that enough was enough, and we had to go. He booked a Disney resort, bought tickets, and wrapped up our Magic Bands (the wristband that Disney resorts use for payment and reservations in the parks) for Christmas. What a keeper, am I right? Anyways, I'm actually quite pleased that I experienced Disney for the first time as an adult because very few things in life can truly make you feel like a kid again. Below are 10 of my favorite memories from my first time visit.

Number ten: Walking into Epcot for the first time 
first visit at epcot

Number nine: Walking into Animal Kingdom for the first time 
first visit at animal kingdom

Number eight: Walking into Hollywood Studios for the first time
first visit at Hollywood Studios

Number seven: Walking into Magic Kingdom for the first time (I mean honestly it doesn't get more magical than this)
first visit at Magic Kingdom

Number six: Roller coaster butterflies 

Number five: Dancing with Goofy (seriously, one of the most underrated Disney characters) 

Number four: Meeting your signature princess (especially when Rapunzel "tangles" him) 

Number three: Seeing the castle at night (along with seeing the Electric Parade, Wishes, and Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios) 

Number 2: Disney hugs

Number 1: Disney kisses

I hope you enjoyed these very gratuitous pictures of myself enjoying some of these experiences at the parks. I'm thinking about posting some tips and tricks that I picked up for the Disney beginner. While the Disney blogosphere is amazing in their depth and thoroughness, it was a little bit overwhelming for me as a first timer. Regardless, thank you for sharing my Disney experience with me through this post! If you have any questions or favorite Disney memories of your own, comment them below.

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