Thursday, November 6, 2014

Coffee in Columbus - Stauf's Coffee Roasters

I. Love. Coffee. Shops. The environment, the music, the people, the food, and oh yeah... the coffee. I find that I am most productive in coffee shops for everything from doing homework, to writing, to reading, to just figuring my life out. What's more, is that Columbus has been called an underrated city for coffee, having high quality brews all over town. 

I will admit, I'm not too picky of a coffee connoisseur. I'll often choose a flavored latte or add tons of cream and sugar to my coffee. Regardless, because of the frequency with which I visit coffee shops - I think that I have a pretty good say as to what makes a shop itself great. Because of this, I want to start reviewing coffee shops that I visit in a series called "Coffee in Columbus." 

First up is Stauf's Coffee Roasters! I chose this as my spot to catch up on emails and do some writing today because it perfectly encompasses that cozy coffee shop vibe on a rainy day. Settled in the heart of charming Grandview, Stauf's is the perfect spot to post up and get down to work. The crowd here is always friendly, which I find is an underrated characteristic in coffee shops. I love meeting interesting people or scanning the room to look up and find a kind smile! As someone who comes to coffee shops to get work done, I like that they have tons of outlets for people like me that forget to charge their laptops before they come. 

Now if I tell you what I ordered, you have to promise not to cringe... I got an iced pumpkin spice latte (iced because it was kind of warm inside and I had on a big, cozy sweater). It was definitely the best pumpkin spice latte I have ever had! I don't typically order anything pumpkin spice at Starbucks or Crimson Cup because it is so overwhelmingly sweet. This was the perfect combination of a deep espresso flavor and just a hint of syrup that actually tasted pretty natural. I love watching each barista make their drinks, because it is obvious that they care about the quality of each individual beverage. The only complaint I have is that you do have to park on the street, but the spots are really big so for those of us who are terrible at parallel parking like me, it isn't too bad! Seriously, give Stauf's a try! 

Here is a shot of their menu. I didn't get any of my beverage because it wasn't too pretty in it's plain plastic cup. So charming! 

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