Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn is great, BUT...

Don't get me wrong. I looove the fall. The weather, the outfits, the food, the changing foliage... However, there is something that is inherently sad about fall to me. Each time I find myself truly loving the fall, I get a little bit sad. Because at least in Ohio, it is the most short lived season. The distinctively brisk air only lasts for a few weeks! The beautiful leaves will shortly turn brown and fall to the ground, leaving the trees naked and sad. And "sweater weather," is on the rapid path to "Antarctica chic." Regardless, I am doing my best to live in the moment and love what is going on around me. Below is a pic that I snapped on campus. It seemed to encompass that "autumn feeling" well - both the happiness and the tiny bit of sadness.

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