Sunday, October 5, 2014

Red hot crush - flirting with fire!

This weekend, my sorority hosted a "date party" in downtown Columbus at Viva. The theme was "Red Hot Crush - Flirting with Fire" so all of the ladies and our dates had to incorporate red into our outfits! I wore a red dress that I bought at Von Maur towards the end of September for this event, but other women were creative with red lipstick, red accessories, and even some sassy red pumps. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture that captures my dress very well, but it had cap sleeves and a flirty lace peekaboo under the bust. Since it drizzled on and off all day, I chose to wear my hair natural so that it could withstand the elements. I love both of these pictures (despite closed eyes in one and only showing a profile in the other) because I think they capture the genuine joy of the evening. 

Date parties are some of my favorite Greek events. It is kind of like you get to experience high school homecoming dances all over again! Getting dressed up with your sisters, dancing without a care, and spending time with someone special - what could be better? This date party was especially nice because it allowed Chris and I to celebrate our one year and four month anniversary. We don't generally celebrate "monthaversaries," but it was nice that this event fell on that day. 

Of course, the weekend has to come to an end and the week will roll in slowly with the chaos that it brings. Thank goodness weekends exist to remind us that life is about having fun with the people you love. 

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