Monday, May 1, 2017

20 things I learned in 20 months of teaching

I've almost been a teacher for 20 months. It's hard to believe that I'm coming to a close on my 2nd year in this profession. Below are 20 things I've learned over the past 20 months.

  1. Grown ups can say sorry too. Saying sorry to kids is a lot harder than saying it to other adults
  2. Going teacher mode on friends and family is really rude
  3. You can't do it all. If any career will teach you that - it's education 
  4. Big changes happen one tiny change at a time
  5. You can't eat ice cream to solve your problems
  6. But it sometimes helps (everything in moderation) 
  7. While ice cream is dandy, your body really needs fuel 
  8. A good workout can resolve that horrible feeling after a sucky lesson 
  9. The work does stop. It stops when you decide that you're done
  10. Printing before the morning of class makes leaving school feel like walking on a cloud
  11. There's no weekend like a teacher weekend
  12. Kids know when you haven't had your coffee. They also knew when they have too much
  13. Students remember how you make them feel way more than what you make them learn
  14. If you want kids to believe something, make them think they thought of it themselves
  15. The classroom management move no one tells you is the sound of heels click clacking on the classroom floor (this one only applies to high school)
  16. Test prep sucks even worse than you think it will. It ends eventually
  17. The warm and fuzzies are even better than you think they will be. It never ends
  18. Your kids will teach you more than you teach them. Easily
  19. Teaching poses a new challenge every day
  20. It's always worth it 
Let me just say, new teachers (and even non-educators) should value veteran teachers big time. If you just learn 1 thing a month, their experience is priceless wisdom. I can't imagine how my perspective will change after just one more 10 month year of teaching.

What is something you've learned over the past month?

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