Sunday, September 18, 2016

Coastal inspired apartment inspiration

Chris and I have officially been in our new apartment for over a month now and the place still doesn't have an identity. While Chris and I have aesthetics that are just about as opposite as could be, we do agree on one thing - classic coastal.

Coastal can turn into a nautical nightmare if you get carried away, so Chris and I spent a lot of time discussing our vision. I don't want our tiny convertible apartment to feel like a south Florida beach house or the carbon copy of a Connecticut cottage. I want it to feel like a sunny, laid back, hideaway in the city. I want a place that blends luxe with practical and feminine with masculine. Is it asking too much? Maybe. The only way to find out is to join me on my journey to see how this all shapes out.

One factor complicating things is color. Last year, I bought beautiful chairs that are a bit, well... bold. They're a bright, rusty orange color - very a la 1970s. They totally worked in the apartment that I lived in alone last year which had a funky retro theme. Chris isn't as into the funk as I am, so we needed to figure out how to work them into the new aesthetic. Pinterest has several great color wheels that display several colors that coordinate together and work for a coastal theme. Below are a few of the colors that we like and think will work well with the rust colored chairs that I already own as well as fit into the coastal vibe.

Read on to see how we are planning on incorporating coastal into our Chicago high rise! 

I've recently been loving Target for their affordable throw pillows. Throw pillows have so much power in creating the "vibe" of the room. To me, they are a great place to start when finalizing our color scheme before moving onto other decor. Below are some options that we've been looking at to tie the theming together.

PS: We already bought this one!
Ocean hue, knit - Target

Other things we have our eyes on? 

I think decorating your space is a super important part of life. Having somewhere that feels whole and feels like a part of you adds so much peace to life. What is your design style? Comment down below! 

Once we have some more progress, I'll post pictures soon! 

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