Sunday, July 5, 2015

A long lately

So where the hell have I been? I’ve been in a new state – both literally and figuratively. I mentioned that I moved to Chicago (which I love and when I have time to explore will definitely write all about) so that is the literal change of state. Figuratively, though, I am in a state of exhaustion. Literal exhaustion.

Teach For America summer training is the reason why I haven’t had time to write or even read blogs. A typical summer training day starts at 5 AM and doesn’t end until 9 PM. From sunrise to sunset, summer training requires me to eat, breathe, and dream education. Whether it is pedagogy, policy, or inequity reflection – summer training doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

I’m not complaining, though! I know that in order to be a good teacher in a few short months, I need all of the knowledge I can get. Plus, teaching is great. My students are some of the smartest kiddos I’ve ever met (but I may be biased).

For now, I am committing to HeleneInBetween’s #31daysinbetween to keep me sane through a creative outlet on Instagram (follow me)!

Once training is over, I have a lot of thoughts that I really want to turn into content for SparkleShineHeather – from organization tools to social inequity. So please stay tuned!

Until then,

Happy holiday weekend! J

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