Thursday, March 5, 2015

International Badge Day

In honor of International Badge Day, I want to take just a tiny bit of time to talk about why my sorority is so special to me.

There is a saying that Greeks use which is something along the lines of - my letters don't make me better than you; they make me better than I used to be. While corny and a bit overused, I really do think that Gamma Phi has made me a better woman. With over 100 sisters to hold me accountable to our high standards of scholarship and service, how can you not excel?! Sometimes, though, my sisters remind me when I need to have fun. Whether they drag me to a social or just pick me up for an ice cream, my sisters help to remind me the importance of being well rounded.

Another saying that you'll often hear is that from the outside you can't understand it and from the inside you can't explain it. I wish that I was able to explain to others outside of my sisterhood how special it is to me. I know that I was skeptical of "sisterhoood," and never imagined how different and how much  more special it would be than other organizations and groups of friends.

Later on, I want to write about my experience with going Greek. For now, I will just post a few pictures of my sisters to show how special they are to me. PS: This was supposed to go up a few days ago, but I've been having a lot going on at home so I haven't been getting around to posting.

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