Friday, February 27, 2015

Dear Blog, I Miss You

Boy, do I miss this thing.

Even though I had only recently started blogging, the absence of this in my life over the past few months has been quite noteworthy. My little corner of the internet gave me real joy.

Admittedly, this blog still doesn't have a distinct identity yet, but figuring it out while I had time to myself to think was cathartic and exciting. I often would find myself daydreaming of things I could post about and the directions I could take my little corner of the internet.

Well now I am back, and it can give me joy again! What good timing too, as joy is something that has been harder for me to find over the past few months. I would like to write about the anxiety I've been experiencing at a later time, but to quickly summarize - I've been struggling with mild depression and anxiety as of late. I never thought I would be someone to experience this, but extreme exhaustion and stress really does take it's toll.

However, I'm much happier now! I'm better at managing my emotions (which gives me more time) to explore new things that make me happy. So if there is anyone out there that reads this - look forward to more of the mixed identity posts about a little bit of everything. Some things that I'm interested in at the moment? A review of House of Cards, updates on current events, my favorite beauty products (I found a ton of new ones), spring transition fashion, new coffee shops/restaurants I love, what I'm reading, and MORE!

Until next time... ;)

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