Thursday, December 22, 2016

The 5 brands that you should be supporting RIGHT NOW

As I grow older, I find it more important to truly put my money where my mouth (or heart) is and support brands that align with my values. Let's be honest, I love "supporting brands" AKA "shopping," so having the opportunity to purchase something that I truly want and engage with a brand that I support is one of my favorite things. Just the other day, I literally said to Chris - "I love them. I'll give them money any day!" By carefully selecting the brands that we support, we truly can have a measurable impact on the world around us.

So what are the brands that I support? Below are my top 5.

1. Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory is one of my favorite bath and makeup labels. Before going forward, we just have to talk about the pink, retro inspired packaging. The aesthetics of the brand just totally speak to me. If their image wasn't enough just alone, they currently have a campaign going around that encourages women to #slaytheirpay. In America, women only make 80% of what men earn for equal work. Minority women earn even less. I love that Soap and Glory is taking the initiative on bringing attention to this issue and encouraging women to demand their worth. The future is female, that's for sure. On top of it all? They don't test on animals. Soap and Glory - you have my heart (and my money).

2. Patagonia

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing brand that focuses on sustainably sourced materials for their clothing. The founders obviously love the earth and all that comes with it, so they ensure that their products honor the land that people will be exploring while wearing them. Do you want to know what they did to really make me swoon? On Black Friday, 100% of sales (yes you read that correctly) went directly to grassroots organizations that create positive change for the environment. Additionally, they donate 1% of daily profits to nonprofit environmental groups.

3. Target

Target is on this list primarily due to how outspoken they are with issues regarding gender. From boldly stating that patrons should use the restroom of their choice to removing unnecessary gender labels on toys, Target is a leader amongst big organizations in breaking down restrictive gender barriers. Why should red and blue Legos be labeled a "boy" toy? Girls can like red and blue! And girls can like blocks! Target's decision to remove these restrictive gender labels was the beginning of an important national conversation. Plus, you can buy Soap and Glory at Target. Double win.

4. Costco

This one may seem like it came out of nowhere, but hear me out. Costco is awesome. Their business practices are truly exemplary. Costco pays their employees a living wage, and their CEO gave himself a pay cut. That's something you don't hear too often. Additionally, they have high product standards and maximum markup percentages so the customer isn't getting screwed. Trust me - I've tried pretty much everything from their private liquor labels and its prettyyy good.  Plus, Joe Biden seemed pretty happy there, so it's gotta be great.

5. Anything local!

You hear this all the time, but it is always great to support local craftsmen/craftswomen who put their heart and soul into their work. One of my favorite places is the Randolph Street Market in Chicago. Find a vintage, upscycle, or resale market near you and shop 'til you drop!

You'll notice that this list isn't huge because I have a lot to learn. Also, no brand is perfect so I'm sure that even these companies have problems if you look deep enough. As always, let's make this a CONVERSATION. What are your favorite brands? Are they ethical? What brands do you support BECAUSE they are ethical? Let's talk in the comments.

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