Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The great scrabble debacle of 2015

There are 2 things to know before reading this post. 1.Chris and I rarely fight. When we do fight, it is almost always about something really, really stupid. 2. I really like board games and I am a little (read: a lot) competitive.

In an effort to switch things up from our normal routine of tv and falling asleep, Chris and I decided to make a trip to Target to buy some good 2 person board games. We chose Yahtzee and Scrabble. On a related note, I highly recommend playing board games more often. It makes you feel like a kid again, engages your critical thinking, and is an awesome change of pace.

Yahtzee was pretty standard. We played 3 rounds and Chris handedly won 2 out of 3. I never even got a "yahtzee" which was pretty lame. That's okay, though. Yahtzee was only the previews for the main feature - Scrabble.

I only bought the standard version of Scrabble. However, I'd like to note that someday I would love to indulge in quite possibly one of the most pretentious/frivolous/extravagant purchases ever: a DELUXE Scrabble board. Check this thing out! On Amazon for only $199.99. Anyways, I digress.

I always have taken pride in my Scrabble skills. I remember my smug 6th grade self challenged my teacher to a Scrabble battle. She was so sure she would win that she promised me a no-homework pass if I won. Let's just say that after I won by over a 70 point margin that my ego was never the same. I'm surprised it didn't explode right out of my head. I've always taken pride in the important things.

Chris and I decided to play a low-key game, if possible. We agreed to not use the "challenge words that aren't words rule" and only use words that we truly believed were real. Tensions were already sort of high when I swept in on a triple word square using the word "quarts" gaining me tons of points. But the real fight began over an exposed triple word score next to the world "hurl."

I'll save you the semantics of our argument, but it arose over a disagreement regarding the world "churl" which is indeed a word and means a "rude person." I must say, I was being a real churl over the matter. After arguing and angstily completing the game, we both got back on a positive page when we were finding ways to place the final tiles.

The best part of the game? The final tile we placed was a "u" connected to a hanging "s." That's right. Even though I was being a churl, at least we ended on us.

Yeah, I'm a sap. Whatever. What is your favorite board game? Have you ever gotten a little bit too compeititve? Let me know in the comments below!

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